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Amazing birds eye gemstone set in sterling silver hand carved leaves and all of it resting inside a moon with intricate design and textures.. Powerful..
Ex Tax:£120.00
Massive beautiful shiva eye is been placed in handcrafted sterling silver pendant. A big clear spiral is formed on this stone and has inspired me to p..
Ex Tax:£160.00
A big colorful agate drusy set in shiny sterling silver. The metal is worked and forged in a way to behave as a soft warm hug for the stone which has ..
Ex Tax:£150.00
Beautiful Coral is set in Handcrafted Sterling silver Pendant! The metal is formed and has the same flower pattern that is shown in the coral. Some si..
Ex Tax:£155.00
This amazing piece is made from 3 different size Corals! I Have always been in love and fascinated with the little daisies that are formed inside thes..
Ex Tax:£140.00
Beautiful Coral is set in Handcrafted Sterling silver Pendant! The metal is formed and has the same flower pattern that is shown in the coral. Some si..
Ex Tax:£165.00
Real Mushroom Unique Handmade Solid Silver Pendant Real Mushroom Unique Handmade Solid Silver Pendant
New Online Only
A special piece of jewelry made from a mushroom that has been reproduced in solid silver and slightly oxidized so that all the details can be clearly ..
Ex Tax:£175.00
Exceptional quality moonstone is set in sterling silver with hand drawn spirals decorated all around with granulation. A very powerful pendant with a ..
Ex Tax:£270.00
The body of this incredible creature is a bone of a turtle skeleton I found under a tree on a mountain in Samos Island! I was intrigued with this litt..
Ex Tax:£125.00
This exquisite sterling silver piece of jewelry is made half of a 3D leaf on one side and half of a mushroom on the other. In the middle I have placed..
Ex Tax:£206.00
A beautiful Tree agate with amazing patterns set in hand carved Sterling Silver Pendant!A small climbing garden shown on this excellent gemstone is se..
Ex Tax:£202.00
Beautiful Colorful piece of a Paua Shell is set in a big handcarved sterling silver leaf with small curved leaves to hold it in place and few more at ..
Ex Tax:£90.00
Exceptional quality labradorite cut in rare triangle shape, set with fusion silver details like plant fibers, rosemary leaf, pinecone and a small spir..
Ex Tax:£188.00
Amazing Quality Deep Blue Teardrop Lapis Lazuli Set in 925 Sterling Silver Pendant!Inspired by the deep blue of the stone and the perpetual dance of t..
Ex Tax:£180.00
This unique amazing pair of earrings are made using a pair of very good quality lapis lazuli! The cut of the stones in triangles is already powerful a..
Ex Tax:£150.00
This fish bone was gifted to me by a friend and I was totally captivated by the design with the extremely delicate details on it and I was very happy ..
Ex Tax:£90.00
Either you Believe it or not, I have been working on this design more than a decade now ... I had been facing challenges that made me put it at the si..
Ex Tax:£48.00
This sterling silver leaf pendant contain simplicity and charm through the textured  surface. The silver is first polished and delicately oxidize..
Ex Tax:£18.00
Elegant Heart Shape Minimal Natural Sterling Silver Leaf PendantA present for all earth lovers and beyond who  want to wear a beautiful piece&nbs..
Ex Tax:£38.00
Amazing Big Heart Shape Sterling Silver Nature Inspired Leaf Pendant!On this piece I played with the 2 surfaces …the surface of the intricate details ..
Ex Tax:£50.00

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